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10 Dog Walking Tips All Owners Should Know

1. Ensure you walk your dog regularly 

Walking our dogs can be absolutely crucial to bonding with them and creating a relationship that truly defines the saying "a mans best friend". A dog will never learn to walk nicely if you are not walking them at least once for 30 minutes 1-2 times a day. A regular walk also helps our pets release all their excess energy, some breeds such as Labradors, Siberian Husky's and Border Collies are highly energetic so owners need to make sure they are helping their pets release all that pent up energy so they can sleep well at night and stay healthy!

2. Don't reward bad behaviour


You shouldn't be letting your dog get away with pulling your towards their desired direction/area of interest as every time you give in to them your rewarding that pattern of behavior. Pulling can cause either you or your dog to become injured, especially if they are a larger breed. If the lead becomes tight and they continue on their way they learn that pulling is okay. every time your dog pulls you should stop and get them to return to your side overtime this will become a habit for them and it will lead to a better experience for both you and your pet. 

3. Check your body language

As an owner you need to realize that the mood your in and the body language you give off during a walk can affect your dog more than you think. The key is to hold a stance and attitude that implies your the boss. Ensure to keep a good posture, holding your shoulders back and holding a positive energy as you walk your dog so they don't take control.

4. Keep control of the tension/length of the leash

Many people make the mistake of using a extendable/flexi leash, you should always keep the dog leash short. If the leash is longer then the chance of the dog obeying you is much lower. The leash should neither be too long or too short/tight ensure the leash is in a relaxed state so the dog has freedom but you still have control.

5. Using a front clip harness

Dogs are more likely to pull if they are wearing collars and harnesses that clip onto the back as the design of these simply promote pulling. Front clip harnesses allow you to gain more control and the dogs are less likely to pull due to the design. Remember to also train your dog correctly there is no "quick fix" to training your dog it takes time and dedication, a front clip harness is simply an addition that could make life a bit easier!  


 6. Keeping your pets mentally stimulated

As we previously addressed you should not be letting your dog sniff around whenever they so please. We stand by that point but also need to cover the fact that dogs do need mental stimulation. So it would be beneficial to choose a place like a park or area they have not explored in the past, and give them some freedom to sniff around for 10-15 minutes as it is a good break for them and they also love it!

7. Pick up the poop!

Always remember to pick up your dogs poo. There is no "okay" or "right" place to leave that stuff. Remember that dog poo can contain bacteria such as E.coli and various types of worms and it would be putting not only other animals health at risk but also other humans health leaving it lying around.

8. Keep them hydrated

A fact every dog owner needs to know is that dogs have a much harder time regulating their temperature than we do. It is VERY easy for them to overheat. Dogs sweat and pant during exercise and can VERY quickly become dehydrated, especially during warmer weather. Our very own Portable Pet Bottle can be used to solve this issue, its cost effective and pets love it!

9. Hot pavement (warning)

During hot weather place your bare hand or foot on the pavement, if its too hot after 5 seconds then its too hot for your pets! ALL pet owners should know this to keep their pets from suffering unnecessarily.

10. Bring treats that your dogs love!

Everywhere you go there is going to be distractions for your pets! Bringing treats for your pets not only gives them a energizing boost throughout their walk/trip it also can help in teaching them new tricks and disciplines. If you dont like store bought treats there are a lot of different recipes available for DIY dog treats. You can also bring along dog friendly fruits or vegetables as dogs dont attain certain nutrients from their regular meals, so it can be a real boost to their overall health!

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