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This electronic trimming set is a reliable set of tools for any pet owner who wants to ensure their pets are well groomed


Great for everyday use or the occasional trim, this trimmer is our personal favourite for pet care. Being very versatile and coming with 4 attachments you are able to switch to a multitude of trimming lengths. 


 High power - Featuring a high speed motor that can take on any thickness of hair.


✓ Sanitary - The cutter head is removable and cleanable. You can utilise the provided cleaning brush and even apply disinfectant to it, to ensure the trimmer is fully clean. Alternatively you can also run the head under a light stream of hot water to ensure its cleanliness.


 Ease of use - No grooming experience required, just set it up plug it in and groom your pets!


✓ USB charger - Charge with ease as you can utilise your phone charger, computer or any other plug that receives a USB plug to charge the trimmer!

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