About us

 Pets Are Family 🧡


Here at Heavenly Husky we aim to bring together a like minded community of animal lovers and provide them with a broad range of affordable, unique and eco friendly pet products.

Our main focus is on convenience for you the pet owner as we know that owning a pet is a greater responsibility than most people believe it to be. We try our hardest to be able to offer our products at the lowest prices possible and consistently have daily/weekly deals & discounts, as our goal is to have as many pet owners as we can take advantage of our awesome products!

We want to change the lives of all animals wether they are pets or not, all around the globe as every animal has a soul and deserves to be treated well. We believe there is a difference between saying something and doing it, so expect to see our name around charitible events and animal shelters as the main drive is to give back.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia. We ship from warehouses that are located all over the world.


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