Magic Fur Glove

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Pets are not just animals, they are also family members! Keep them clean and well groomed with the Pet Brush Glove.


Slip on these flexible grooming gloves to brush away dirt, grime and loose hair from cats, dogs and horses of all shapes and sizes - quickly! More importantly, it helps stimulate the healthy oils on their skin which can improve the softness and radiance of their coat.


✓ Enhanced Five Finger Design: Our Pet Brush Glove is the next best thing to a professional groomer. With enhanced tips, it mimics the touch of your hand for a soft and relaxing massage. These flexible gloves allow you to brush away dirt, dander, and loose hair from cats and dogs without hurting them or yourself.


✓ Hair Remover: It's perfect for long, short and curly-haired dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. It quickly removes hair without any pulling or yanking! This glove works on all types of fur - wet or dry! You can groom longer haired animals as well as shorter ones - the shedding hair sticks to the glove making it easy to peel off so you can throw it away!


✓ Bath Brush: Specifically designed to bathe pets without hurting their skin. It can clean the pet hair easily while giving them a gentle massage at the same time. With five fingers design, it can reach hard-to-reach places like tails or face effortlessly.


✓ Eco-friendly: It is made out of 100% eco-friendly materials which won't harm your pet's skin like other brushes may do. With its soft rubber bristles it gently massages and grooms without removing fur or scratching their skin - perfect for both short haired as well as long haired pets! The adjustable wrist strap makes sure that it fits comfortably on anyone's hand.


✓ Adjustable Wrist Strap (One Size Fits All)


✓ Lightweight and Breathable


✓ Machine Washable (Easy to Clean)


✓ Safe for Cats, Dogs and Other Pets


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